Anonyme asked: the thing with the 1975 I think is that they made a 1D cover (What Makes You Beautiful) so the 1D fanbase got interested in them and now they are the majority of fans but I think they compose p much indie rock/pop music not 1D pop but idk

Tbh the fanbase of some bands is insane and it scares me bc that’s just crazy

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Sylvester Ulv | Ph: Emilio Tini

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Anonyme asked: arctic monkeys are hotter than the 1975 anyway! i don't get the hype about matt he isn't even hot? he's talented and all that jazz but not that handsome...

Honestly the only one I care about in this band is the drummer I like drugs addicts look-a-like

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hey white female pop stars, if you could stop using asian women as props, that’d be super

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Tim Schuhmacher | Ph Stefan Zschernitz

Taxi Driver | 1976

Anonyme asked: AM > The 1975 They shouldn't even be compared. Or said in the same sentence.

I agree but some people don’t apparently idk

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A naked Spanish man throws flower petals at the picture of the Birth of Venus by Botticelli